(Site updated 20 July 2017) Measham Carboot, outdoors on Ashby Road, Measham, DE12 7JR, indoors if wet at Gresley Old Hall.

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Every Sunday & Bank Holiday Monday
24 hour Information 07980 031 7877
Outdoor Address & Times
Ashby Road
DE12 7JR
Open  06:00 - 14:00
Booters Setup 06:00
Bring your own tables outdoors
Outdoor Prices
Cars £7  
Vans £10
Car & Trailer £10
Public Admission 50p

Site updated 06 September 2017


Indoor Site, (only if wet, see Tweet link)
Open  08:00 - 12:00
Booters Setup 07:00
Public Admission 50p
24 hour Information 07980 031 78
Indoor Prices
£10 per Table  
£15 for two

Tables supplied Indoors only
Gresley Old Hall
Gresley Wood Road
Church Gresley
Swadlincote DE11 9QW

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